September 25, 2023
amazon affiliate

amazon affiliate

What is Amazon (Affiliate)..?

Friends, what is Amazon Association or Amazon Affiliate? Before knowing this, let us first know that what is Amazon? Is. So friends, what is Amazon, I do not need to tell you, we all know very well about Amazon, what is it, I do not need to tell you, you all know about Amazon but still if you are new And if you do not know about it, then let me tell you here that Amazon is an e-commerce platform from where you can buy anything online all over the world.


How to earn money from (Amazon Affiliate) ..??

As I just told you Amazon Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Program. In this you have to promote through Amazon’s Product Affiliate Link. Now you can do that through any medium, if you want, you can do this work through blogs or you can also do this work through website or you can also do this work through YouTube and many more mediums. Through which you can do this work. But one thing should be kept in mind that you should not do this work in any wrong way, what many people do is they put affiliate links in the comments, you do not have to do this kind of work, you have to put affiliate links in the right way.

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Whenever any person clicks on those links of yours and buys anything from Amazon, then you are given some percent commission for that. From which you earn. Now this commission is different on each category of product and you get 10 to 12% commission on some of its products.


Amazon (Affiliate) MarketingMoney earn the star.. ??

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to promote the product and service of any company, now to promote you must either have a website or a blog or have only one YouTube channel.

If you do not have this then you should have 5000 and more friends in your Facebook or you should have a Facebook page with 5000, 10,000, 20,000 likes or you should have followers in your Instagram account.

This means to say that you should have an audience in front of which you can sell the product or service of Affiliate Marketing. The more audience you have, the more products and services you will be able to sell and the more affiliate commission you will be able to earn.

Let us understand with the help of an example that suppose you have a Facebook account and nothing else, then now you try to add more and more friends to your Facebook account, let’s say you have 5000 friends in your Facebook account. have gone.


Then you can share your link of Affiliate Marketing Product or Service on your Facebook profile.

Let’s say you are doing affiliate marketing of a product of Amazon, then you can share the link of that product on your profile and write in it that this product is running on such a commission.

The person will like that product, he will buy and as soon as he buys the product, the commission will be credited to your account.

                                                Join Amazon Affiliate Program

  • First of all open the website of Amazon Affiliate Program, after that login with your old amazon account.
  • After login, a form will come in front of you, fill it and with this you will join the amazon affiliate program.
  • Now you can create a product link by going to your amazon affiliate account .

Best Affiliate Marketing Network

There are many different Affiliate Marketing Networks for Affiliate Marketing in India, out of which we are sharing the list of some of the major Affiliate Marketing Networks with you below.

You can earn money from any one of the programs given above, but we will learn about how to earn money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program from all of these.

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