December 1, 2023


People’s health insurance policies may occasionally be insufficient to meet their needs. You can purchase a suitable health insurance rider cover to supplement the coverage and features of your existing health insurance policy without having to purchase an entirely new health insurance policy. Rider covers are not only inexpensive, but they are also quite large. Policyholders can purchase specific health insurance riders based on their financial budget and medical needs. There are various types of rider plans, such as room rent waivers, maternity coverage, personal accident coverage, and much more. You can purchase the one you require and carefully read the terms to ensure that you understand the coverage.

10 Benefits of Health Insurance Riders
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10 Benefits of Health Insurance Riders

Following are some of the prominent benefits of health insurance rider plans:

1. Compensation For The Debts

The amount offered under the rider plans as the claim amount is in lump sum and can thus be used to compensate for income loss or repayment of debts, mortgages, loans, and so on incurred by policyholders due to loss of work due to disease treatment.

2. Paying For Child’s Education

The claim amount from the rider covers can be used to pay for a child’s education expenses. This plan’s funds can be used to pay for school, college, or future educational expenses. This ensures the policyholders’ safe and secure future with the rider covers.

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3. Pay For Funeral Expenses

In case of the death of the policyholder, the amount under the rider covers can be used to pay for the expenses of the funeral. Insurers like Future Generali, Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA, etc. provide the respective feature to their policyholders under the rider plans bought by them.

4. Enhanced Protection

Adding riders to your existing health insurance plans is essential and fruitful as it enhances the coverage and protects your family against any unforeseen circumstances. It extends the scope of the coverage of your existing health insurance plan, making sure that all you family members get equal coverage at an affordable price.

5. Premium Waiver

After suffering from an accidental disability or critical disease, you can avail the benefits of your purchased health insurance rider plan and under this premium waiver benefit, you can continue the policy without having to pay the extra premium after availing of the services.

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6. Minimum Management Hassles

Buying a whole new health insurance cover along with the existing one can increase your hassles, and therefore you can invest in a suitable rider cover to extend the coverage of your basic health insurance plan. This can save the time that is required in buying a new regular health insurance plan and it offers you the best options at an affordable price.

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7. Flexibility To Customize

When investing in a suitable rider plan, you can customize your plans according to your needs and make sure that your choices are covered under the purchased rider insurance plan. You can use the online premium calculator to customize your rider plan and add or remove any features. You can consider your medical history, pre-existing disease, financial budget, etc. while investing in a rider plan.


8. Tax Saving Perks

With the help of a rider plan, the policyholders can get double tax saving benefits along with the basic health insurance plan. You can get tax relaxation on your premium payments for the regular plan and the rider cover under the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. This benefit is available for all the policyholders who are also the taxpayers.

9. Lump Sum Payment

Some rider covers like critical illness riders and personal accident covers offer lump sum claim amounts that can be used to compensate for the income loss of the policyholders and also to enhance the quality of treatment at the hospitals.

10. Variety In Choices

There are different types of rider covers that are available in the market, therefore the people have a plethora of options to choose from.


You can invest in a suitable rider plan for yourself and your loved ones, based on your medical requirements and financial budget. You must go through the fine print of the plan to avoid any inconvenience at the time of the claim settlement process.

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