September 24, 2021

Power Of Subconscious mind|The 17 seconds fact.

The power of mind

Do You Know : There is a 17 second trick that increases the power of your subconscious mind with unimaginable manner and you can fulfill any of your dreams with this power. If you are young and reading this blog then you can’t imagine that what you will get and you feel so lucky that you are knowing this trick in this age Read this blog and you will thank me for telling this trick . So let’s start-

This trick is known as the 17 seconds manifestaion technique which is the part of law of attraction which claims that you can create your own life with your power of thinking. This technique says that if you want you attract any person, any thing etc. in your life then if you completely focus your energy of thinking on that object for 17 seconds then after 17 seconds that thinking came in the combustion point means that thinking got the energy like fire exactly like that when you focused the light of sun with magnifying glasses then after sometime it starts burning.

When this focused energy is on the top point after 17 seconds then our subconscious mind works 100 times faster than normal . At this time the thing you are experiencing is created by only you and you can make your life as you want, everything thing which is going on in your life is the result of that thinking which you thinks , you are the creator of your own world and I am not saying this myself many books and scientific researches has proof of it and the 17 seconds trick which I have told you is said by the popular motivational American speaker Abraham hinks which is the key of your success and the person who want the proof of this that your results are depended on your thinking then you should know about one of the great personality in the world GAUTAM BUDDHA

Gautama Buddha was a delighted great personality who had the information of every secret in the world. Answer this question that who let your heart beat, I know some people may say that our organs beats our heart but this is totally wrong because our heart is controlled only by our brain. without our brain our heart didn’t beat. so now you will believe that our subconscious mind can do everything. Gautama Buddha had said that :

All that we are is the result of what we have thought,it is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts

It means that what we are in the life is the result of our thoughts , our life is based on our thoughts. You can achieve anything whether it is too hard to get but it can be done with your thoughts and subconscious mind .

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