5 Great tips for writing blog post titles

5 Great tips for writing blog post titles
post titles

Here are 5 Great tips for writing blog post titles. Friends, a great Blog Post title is equally important for our article! As much as writing content Seo Friendly! There are many new bloggers who use the keyword in the article correctly, but publish the post title by writing it in the same way! And later think that I have written the post Seo Friendly but why am I not getting the right traffic from Google? One reason for this is also that you are not writing the post title to Seo Optimize!

No matter how Seo Friendly the content of your blog post is! But unless you write the title of your post as Seo Friendly, you will not get target traffic from Google! If you do not know how to write post title? So I will tell you some tips in this post by which you can get target organic traffic from Google search engine by writing Seo Friendly Blog Post title.

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5 great tips for writing blog post titles

Every blogger tries to write Seo Friendly post from the very beginning to be successful. But they get success when their post is shown in the 1st page in the search result! And this happens when their content is optimized for Seo Optimize as well as Post Title.

What do visitors do if you search for the title of your post? If you write according to that then 100% your blog will show on 1st number! And you will get a lot of traffic, if you follow my words, then you write such posts which are most searched on the internet! If you post related to blogging, then you will get good traffic provided you optimize the post and write it!

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1) Long VS Short Length Title

Both Long and Short Length Title is good! Meaning if seen according to Seo, then Google likes Long Lenght Title more! And visitors like Short Length Title more! So here you have to decide which title you want to use, for the visitor or for the search engine! Technically, New Bloggers should run according to Search Engine. That’s why you should use Long Length Title only! For your post but in the first 30 words, try to explain what is in the post! Do not write the Long Length Title of your post more than 70 words!

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2) Use Why, When, And How Keyword In Post Title

Whenever it is possible to write a post title, then why, when and how must use such words! If you write such titles in which why, when, how there is a mention, then Google likes it! And this word is the most searched word in Google! Whenever a person searches on any topic in Google, he puts the title according to the question asked. For example, see the title of this post!

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3) Eye Catching Title

Write the title in a simple way, meaning whenever someone reads it, they should understand! What the post is about, I have already told you about it many times! Once a user reads the post title, then they should remember the title. Write some such title, so that what happens many times that user will be able to visit your blog by searching the same title again! For example, look at this title –

4) Use Number Key

The number is also included in the most searched keywords in Google! People also search the topic by using the number key. There are many bloggers who use numbers in their posts. If you need any numbers anywhere in your post, then definitely use them!

5) Use Attractive Word

People are always attracted to see things Always Attractive! Many visitors are interested in reading the article only after reading the catchy words in the post title. That’s why you must use some words like Fantastic, Solid, Excellent, Brilliant, Awesome, Intresting, Secret in your post title!

5 Great tips for writing blog post titles
post titles

By following this, you can make your blog post title more attractive! This is the easiest way to write Blog Post Title Seo Friendly, I told you in this post! If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends! And if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us in the comment!