September 26, 2023
website loading time

website loading time

Website Loading Time Check: Website Loading Time is also very important in the search engine for the best Search Engine Ranking of the blog! If the loading time of your blog or site will be less, then you can also be Panelized from Google for this. If your site will be fast loading, then Google indexes such website very soon! And 90% of the visitors like to go to such a website! Whose loading time is very less, today I will tell you about some such tools! With which you can check the speed of your site.

If you are in WordPress then many free and paid plugins will be available to reduce website loading time. But I would advise you to install Wp Total Cache only! Along with this, it will also ask you to use CDN! CDN helps a lot in improving the speed of your site. If you want to use CDN! So you can do Cloudflare or MaxCDN! You can also use CDN in blogger platform. Provided you have to reduce the loading speed of the blog!

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I am going to tell you about 3 such tool sites! Which does not only show the loading time of your site! Rather, it also gives information about the performance of the blog / site and how to optimize it!


website loading time

When it comes to checking website loading time! So I recommend using Gtmatrix first! In this you will get information about Page Performance along with Website Speed. Also, you can learn about how to optimize the website in it! If your blog is in WordPress, then you can monetize Site Performance from Dashboard itself by installing its plugin.

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Google Pageinsight

website loading time

This is another great tool with the help of which you can check your website loading speed. In this, you will get complete information about how to reduce the page speed by checking it. I assure you that if you follow the path shown by it! So the loading speed of your page will be very less! I will also recommend you to use this tool!

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Pingdom Tools

download 1
website loading time

With the help of this tool you can also check Website Loading Time. In this you get a very good overview! Also, it gives you information about that part of your site which takes a lot of time to load. You also get the History Tab in it, with the help of which you can know the site performance before and now.

So friends, these were some online tools to check Website Lading Time! You can also use this to check the speed of your site! If you need some more information or answers to questions related to this post! So you can ask me by commenting, I will be very happy to answer your questions! And one thing is about this post if your site speed is more than 3-4 seconds! So try your best to reduce it, otherwise you may have trouble ahead!

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