What is bounce rate and how to stop it?

What is bounce rate and how to reduce it?
What is bounce rate and how to reduce it?

What is bounce rate and how to stop it? Friends, if you are a blogger then you must have heard about Bounce Rate at some point or the other! Or whenever you check Google Analytics Traffic Analyser! So you must have seen the bounce rate, but do you know what is this bounce rate? What is the importance of this blog? What is the percentage which shows the bounce rate, what is it about? If you know, that’s good! If you do not know, then I would like to tell you about it in full detail in this post.


If you are blogging professionally! And if you do not know about it, then I would suggest that you try your best to know it! If you will know about it completely then you will be able to increase traffic and monetise it easily. Many bloggers do not mine this thing! Ignore it and they have problems in the future! And by the time they come to know about this problem, it is too late! That’s why we should know about it! And we should try our best to fix it as far as possible.

What is bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate?

How long do visitors stay in your blog and post and read your post! He knows all his data. There must be a lot of visitors, but how many visitors spend time in your blog! Or if you do Return Visit in your blog, its percentage gives you Bounce Rate! There are many such visitors who come to your blog and return immediately! In such a situation, the Bounce Rate of your blog is increased! Which is not good for blog! If possible, put such content in your blog so that the visitor can spend maximum time in your blog.


From where to know the Bounce Rate of the blog?

We can find out the Bounce Rate Percentage of the blog from Google Analytic, a free tool from Google! In this you will get information about many things apart from Bounce Rate! Like Visitor, Real Time Visitor, Daily How many visitors use your blog in India! How many visitors to Other Country, you will get to know about all these in full detail in Google Analytics! You can use this tool by creating an account in Google Analytics. If you already have a Google account, then you can login to it and know all the details.

What is bounce rate and how to reduce it?

What should be the bounce rate?

If the Bounce Rate of the blog is less than 30% then there is nothing to worry! People are giving time to your post, but if the bounce rate of your blog is more than 50% then you have to do something about it! You have to fix it, otherwise your blog has no future in the future! Ignoring this may cause you some problems in the future. And by the time you fix it it will be too late! So follow my advice, if yours is more than 50% then fix it as soon as possible!


Why is the Bounce Rate High?

  • Blog Template Not User Friendly
  • Lack of Quality Content in the blog!
  • Page loading time to be more!
  • Design not good!
  • Lack of Content!

How to reduce Bounce Rate?

Do not panic, I will tell you some such tips by which you can keep visitors to your blog!

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Import Video In Article

When you are writing an article about something and if it is possible, then make a video about that post and import it into the post! So that if a visitor likes your article, then he will definitely want to see that video! And will stay on your page for as long as possible!

Add Internal link

Do add a link to any other post related to the article in it! From him, the visitor can get information about him in detail! And he can spend more time in your post!

Reduce Page Load Time

As far as possible, keep the loading time of the page to a minimum. Due to which the page is easy to open, many Indian visitors still use 2G network. If your page does not open in this, then 90% of the users will visit another blog! So take care of this thing and keep the size of the photo at least!

Use Mobile Friendly Template

40% of visitors use mobile for learning. And in such a situation, if the template of your blog is not mobile friendly, then visitors will not read the post! So choose a template that is Seo Friendly, Mobile Friendly and Responsive!

User Over 2000 Word In 1 Article

Try to write the article in at least 2000 words. If any of your articles are short, then visitors cannot stay in that post for a long time! So always try to explain the article in detail! So that the visitor can get the thing of his work and our work also gets done!

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Quality Content

Try to write Seo Friendly Article in your blog! Which can get maximum visitors from Search Engine! Write the post only by using the keyword correctly in the post!

Add Related/Feature Post Gadget

Be sure to add widgets like related and feature posts to the blog! Seeing this, if the visitor will want to know about your other post! So he will definitely click on it and read that post!

Simple Post But Powerful writing

Write your article in such a way that it is powerful according to SEO! And it should be easy for people to read it, such an article should be there! Which your visitors can read and understand your post in one go!

So friends, these were some tips from my side, using which you can reduce the Bounce Rate of Blog! If you liked this post of ours, then you can reach this post to others by sharing it on social media! And if you know any other tips related to Bounce Rate, using which we can reduce Bounce Rate! So you can tell us by commenting, if you have any question related to the post, then you can also ask us, we will be happy to answer you!