December 1, 2023

Today I am going to tell you some special , interesting and very useful tricks for your mobile phone. Read the complete blog and try to do all this tricks in your mobile phone . so let’s start :-

5) The Secret Information code


If you dial *#*#4636#*#* in your mobile phone , then you will see a panel where you will get all information about your phone, networks. you will also get the battery information about your phone where battery health, voltage, temperature, technology is displayed and in last you will see a Time Since Reboot tab which shows the time when the phone was last rebooted. You have noticed that when you do not reboot your phone for many days it works very slow but you forgot that when you have rebooted your phone last so Time Since Reboot tab will help you to see the time in hours:minutes:seconds format. And with this you can also see wifi information and usage information by dialing the code.

4) Screen Lock Time Password


Do You Know that you can make the phone time as your screen lock password. To do this you have to simply search screen lock time password in app store or play store and download that application. After downloading open that app and select the first option which is ENABLE LOCK and the will recommend you to set a recovery password, recovery password will act as a primary password in your phone means you can also unlock your phone by using the recovery password rather than the time password.

3) Check Your Remote


This trick is more interesting than other. You have heard that camera can see that things which cannot be seen by naked eyes so that why it is said that ghosts can be captured in camera, this trick is also of that type. Take your Television remote and see on its top there will be a small infrarate sensor , when you press a buttion on remote you will not see anything but when you see that sensor with your mobile camera and press a button on the remote then you will notice red or pink light blinking in the sensor. when your remote doesn’t work you can check it whether its battery is dead or the remote is needed to be change by your mobile camera. when the light blink very lightly after pressing button on the remote it means the battery is about to dead , when the light doesn’t blink it means the remote is needed to be change.

2) IMEI Number Code


When you dial *#06# in your mobile phone then you will see your imei number and because in today’s mobile phone there are dual sim slots so that’s why you will see two imei numbers. IMEI numbers are very special and useful for us , you should note this imei number anywhere because in case your mobile got stolen so you do not have to worry about it . you simply have to give the imei number to the police and they will spread that imei number to all network operators because when that thief insert a sim card of any network provider, the operator of that sim will get the information about that thief by the imei number and they they give the information to the police and police will caught that thief easily and you will get your mobile back.

1) Check Call Forwarding


You know that a hacker can forward your call means he/she can hear your call when you are talking to someone . So there is a way to check that whether your call forwards or not , To check this you have to dial a code in your mobile which is *#21# . after dialing the code you have to wait for 3 seconds and the a tab will appear in your screen in which you can see that your call is forwarding or not, if it is written VOICE NOT FORWARDED it means no one is hearing your call but if it is written VOICE FORWARDED it means someone can hear your call , to resolve this problem you should call customer care immediately.

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