September 26, 2023
ubuntu 22.04 lts Jammy Jellyfish wallpaper


Waiting for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

It’s an ideal opportunity to open up the new elements of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS “Jammy Jellyfish”. We give you all the applicable data, and you keep awake to date until the last delivery.

The Ubuntu LTS release are uncommon, and they are huge. Since they set out to arrive at next five years for everybody – from you/me to the ventures who run great many machines/virtual frameworks with Ubuntu.

The impending Ubuntu 22.04 LTS code named “Jammy Jellyfish” is turning out to be another enormous LTS release, in spite of the fact that there will be misses as far as the most recent tech and bundles.

As of first composing this post, we have genuinely a few thought regarding the new features, updates and upgrades from a few authority/informal sources. With the goal that you get a solitary wellspring of all the data about Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – Release Schedule

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish releases on April 21, 2022. Before that, the following milestones are to be achieved.

  • February 24, 2022: Feature Freeze
  • March 17, 2022: UI Freeze
  • March 31, 2022: Beta Release
  • April 21, 2022: Final Release

The release will be supported until April 2025.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS daily build Desktop

Ubuntu 22.04 – New Features


Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS will be the underlying Kernel for this drawn out Ubuntu release. Delivered around Halloween 2021 last year, Linux Kernel 5.15 brings a few significant enhancements. Normal new driver and equipment refreshes across processor, GPU, organization, record framework families. This Kernel likewise brings the quick NTFS3 driver from Paragon Software, which was mainlined in this rendition. Other remarkable advantages of this Kernel that Ubuntu LTS clients will encounter is Apple M1 SOC support, in-Kernel SMB driver, Realtech Wi-Fi driver support for RTL8188EU chipset, and so on You can peruse exhaustively regarding what this Kernel brings to the table in our Linux Kernel 5.15 inclusion.

GNOME Desktop Version

There are still conversation going on the real form of GNOME in this LTS release. Nonetheless, it is affirmed that GNOME 42 will be the default little person shell adaptation. Be that as it may, there is a trick. You should have mindful that GNOME 42 is bringing refreshed adaptation of GTK4 default applications and porting to Libadwaita library for those applications.

The Ubuntu work area group, plans for GNOME 42, yet the default introduced applications stays in GTK3. This is a reasonable choice from the work area group as I would see it. Since moving to GNOME 42 or more GTK4 Plus Libadwaita ports – these requires a ton of relapse. Also the danger of breaking things to a great extent. This is a lot of overhead for a LTS release, which is a default decision for the majority of the client base and most utilized adaptation.

Elf 42 likewise bringing framework wide dull style inclination, which can be taken on naturally by the applications. Presently, Ubuntu as of now have a dim topic in its settings. How this both these work out – is as yet being talked about right now.

Look and Feel

On the look side, there is change in the Yaru GTK theme color, which is the default theme for Ubuntu. The typical purple emphasize shading is changing to Orange. Presently, be wary that it might feel like an excess of orange tone. Check out this screen capture.

Is this too Orange y

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New Installer

The default installer of Ubuntu hasn’t change much since, like, forever. So, with that in mind, the team was working on the new Flutter based installer to replace the old one. Now, it has been in the works for the last couple of months and hasn’t made it to final release.

New Flutter based Ubuntu Installer

Hopefully, the new installer can make it to this LTS release. But it is still not arrived in daily-build and when I tried this in Canary .ISO – it crashes even before starts to install. Let’s keep the finger crossed, and we hope to see in action in the final release.


This version of Ubuntu is under development at the moment. If you want to test or try to give it for a quick spin in your favorite VM, then grab the daily build copy .ISO from the below link.

Remember, this copy may be unstable and contain bugs. So, you have been warned.

DOWNLOAD UBUNTU 22.04lts (Jammy Jellyfish) Daily Build From here: Download

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