How to increase blog traffic: complete information

How to increase blog traffic: complete information
How to increase blog traffic: complete information

How to increase blog traffic: complete information? This is the biggest challenge of new bloggers to bring traffic in their blogs! I have seen many bloggers quit blogging due to low traffic. Even if you do that, if you are going to start any online business, then you need a lot of traffic! Increasing traffic to the blog is not a difficult task provided you have learned about the rules of Seo and its use. I will tell you about some such tips of blog SEO, by following which you can get Daily Unique Visitor!

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10 awesome tips to increase blog traffic

If I start telling you in full detail about increasing traffic, then it will take me 10000 words to explain it to you! That’s why I will tell about some such basic things, by following which it is sure that you will be able to increase the traffic of the blog. So let’s know how to bring blog traffic-

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Use Low Loading Time Template

First of all you have to pay more attention to your blog design. Use such a template in your blog that does not take much time to open! After choosing Template, add Popular Post, Feature Post Gadget and some important widgets to your blog!

Use Keyword In Post

We get 30% Organic Traffic from social media only! So share your post on social media as much as you can! There are many social sites in India if you do not use social media. So start using them as soon as possible! Otherwise a lot of your traffic will be lost. I also use almost all social sites! And I try to share my post as much as I can!

Long Length Blog Title

Google likes to keep the title of its blog post long. And your visitors will also read this and know from the title itself what the post is about!

Comment In High Ranking Blogs

Comment Regularly in other High Ranking Blogs! When you comment on someone’s blog post, you also write your blog URL in it, from which you get a backlink to that site.

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Submit Blog In Web directories

This is the easiest way to increase traffic when you submit your blog to web directories! So Web Directories helps to increase maximum traffic to your blog! Share your blog till more people! Below are the names of some popular web directories, you can submit your blog here!

Guest Post

Do Guest Post in Popular Blogs! So that many visitors will be able to know about your blog! And you will also get the backlink of that blog!


You can also increase traffic by adding a link to another blog post in your blog post. By doing this you get a backlink to that blog. To know in full detail about what is backlink and about it, read this post backlink SEO!

User Friendly Comment

Whenever a visitor asks any question by commenting in your post! So try your best to respond by doing this, a bond is created between you and your visitor! And the visitor makes a return visit to your blog! Related to a post If someone asks a question and you have a post about it! So you must share the link of that post with him!

How to increase blog traffic: complete information
How to increase blog traffic: complete information

Regularly Update Blog

Update your blog regularly! Update the post about some topic every day! Many bloggers do not post posts in the blog everyday. And by doing this the bonding of Vsitor and that blog becomes weak! If you put a new post in the blog every day, then visitors will also get to learn something new! And they will come to your blog everyday!

Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is also very useful for increasing traffic. If the Alexa Rank of your blog will be less than 10000, then many visitors will visit by looking at your blog rank. Therefore, along with the traffic of the blog, try to increase Alexa as well! To increase Alexa Rank, read this post on how to increase Alexa Rank!

Write Seo Optimize Article

Optimize your article and write it! When you write your post Seo Friendly, then Google indexes such article immediately and shows it in the search result. To make the post Seo Friendly, read this post Seo Friendly post!

Make Images Seo Optimize

Also use Seo Optimize Images in your article! I had heard somewhere that an image is equal to 1000 words, this is also true. So whenever you write a post, definitely put an image and do not forget to optimize the images! To make images Seo Friendly, read this Seo Friendly Images post, this post will definitely be of your use!

Write Post Over 1000 word

Always try to write the post in 1000 words or more! The more the length of your post, the more keywords will be the Mention in your post! Due to which Google will show your post in number 1 by getting more keywords in your post and more visitors will come!

Submit Blog In Other Search Engine

Apart from Google, there are many other search engines from where more visitors can come! Therefore, submit your blog to other search engines like Bing, Yandex.

Hope you got some help in increasing the traffic of your blog by reading this post. There are many other ways to increase blog traffic. But as I said above, it will take a lot of words! That’s why I have tried to explain you in short! If you liked this post of our Blog Ki Traffic Kaise Badaye, then definitely share it in social media!